Medical Acupuncture

Medical Acupuncture is performed by a doctor licensed in Western medicine (DO, MD) who also has training in acupuncture as a specialty practice. Dr. Mager is trained in various forms of acupuncture including energetic, traditional Chinese, five element, neuroanatomic, scalp, and auricular (ear). Electrical stimulation and/or moxibustion can be used in appropriate circumstances. (More can be found at

Dry Needling

(Western Style acupuncture, Trigger Point):

Acute injuries that do not resolve spontaneously or with initial medical management can lead to chronic musculoskeletal pain through the direct muscle injury and through nerve hyperirritability of the nerves that supply these muscles (ie myofascial pain of neuropathic origin). Muscular contractions spasms create “trigger points” and painful banding. Trigger point acupuncture is used to break apart these muscular knots and bands. Dry needling is an invasive procedure and in the hands of minimally educated practitioners can cause extreme harm.,clinical%20acupuncture%20education%20and%20training.&text=Unlike%20trigger%20point%20injections%20used,are%20used%20in%20dry%20needling.


This procedure consists of the vacuum application of glass cups over areas of abnormal muscle texture in order to stimulate blood flow and to help relax muscles

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatments (OMT)

Prior to any manual medicine treatment, an osteopathic structural exam will be preformed. Dr. Mager is trained in many manipulative techniques and will determine which treatment is appropriate for each individual patient and their condition. Dr. Mager also practices craniosacral manipulation which is a specialized form of OMT. It is a highly effective treatment for many conditions

Frequently Treated Conditions

Acupuncture is frequently associated with pain management however, it also promotes health and well-being, prevents illness and is highly effective in various medical conditions including but not limited to: Respiratory illness (including allergies and sinus conditions), digestive illness, urinary, menstrual and reproductive (fertility) conditions, neurological and musculature problems, mental and emotional conditions (including anxiety, depression, insomnia) and addictions. It can increase the body’s immunity. It is excellent for treating acute injuries and illness and at the same time it is amazingly effective in treating the most difficult chronic conditions

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